Sophos Complete Security Solution

It takes a lot more than antivirus to cover every threat to your business. The Sophos complete security solution reduces the threat surface, protects users and data, stops attacks and breaches, and most importantly keeps employees productive. Sophos endpoint, encryption, web, email, mobile, and network solutions simplify security to protect your business and meet compliance needs.

Sophos makes security simple by giving you everything you need in one console and agent. Sophos Endpoint Protection – Advanced combines endpoint, data, email, web, server and mobile protection – all in one license – to give the best threat detection and protection across all points and platforms.

A test was performed to see both how well security systems held up to an evasion and how much it cost for that effectiveness.

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Sophos Complete
Security Suite

Complete security that works better together.

Sophos Complete Security Suite protects you everywhere, from your network, to your servers, endpoints and mobile devices. And, because it’s all from one vendor, it works better together.

✓ Combines endpoint, data, email, web, server and mobile protection—all in one license
✓ Blocks malware and controls devices, applications, data and network access
✓ Full-disk, email and file encryption, together with data control
✓ Web protection at the gateway and endpoint to protect users everywhere
✓ Email protection to block spam, viruses and control sensitive data
✓ Control iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows mobile devices

Case Study

Catholic Dioceses of Sioux Falls. Data Integrity Services has standardized its security offering on Sophos and is rapidly expanding its base of Sophos Cloud deployments.

Read the entire case study published by Sophos by clicking here.

Complete data protection

Sophos Data Protection Suite combines DLP and encryption with their email and endpoint protection. It makes secure data sharing easy with full-disk, file and email encryption. And, it stops accidental data loss with sensitive data scanning that’s built into their desktop antivirus and email protection.

✓ Combines data, endpoint and email for complete data protection
✓ Integrated full-disk, file and email encryption
✓ Consistent DLP policies across endpoint and email
✓ Endpoint protection that blocks malware and controls devices, applications, data and network access

Sophos Data Protection Suite

Sophos Complete
Web Protection

Complete web protection everywhere.

Sophos Web Protection keeps your organization safe from the leading source of malware and threats. By integrating web protection across Sophos’ endpoint, cloud and gateway, they’ve created a whole new way of keeping your users safe on the web.

Web Protection Suite

✓ Combines Sophos’ web and endpoint protection in a single license
✓ Uses the endpoint to scan for web threats when users are on or off the network
✓ Monitor activity and control web usage everywhere from our web console
✓ Works better together with endpoint protection the blocks malware and control devices, applications, data and network access

Web Protection Appliances

✓ Proven web protection techniques to block even the most advanced web threats
✓ Compliance and productivity – with active policy enforcement for every situation and instant reporting visibility
✓ Coverage of your blind spots – including automatic proxy blocking, encrypted traffic scanning, and call home monitoring
✓ Management made easy – award-winning web-console makes administration easy with three-clicks-to-anywhere and policy wizards
✓ Easy offsite protection – if you choose to combine one of the web appliances with the Endpoint, you can protect users everywhere

Protect all your devices and data, anywhere.

Sophos makes security simple by giving you everything you need in one console and agent. Sophos Endpoint Protection – Advanced combines endpoint, data, email, web, server and mobile protection – all in one license – to give you the best threat and protection across all points and platforms.

Web Protection Suite

✓ Ideal for businesses of any size
✓ Antivirus, application and device control, NAC, and firewall
✓ Built-in web protection and patch assessment
✓ Data protection with integrated data control and encryption

Sophos Endpoint Protection
– Advanced –

Sophos Email Protection
– Advanced –

Encrypt your sensitive email, stop data loss and keep spam off your mail servers.

This single license gives you a lot more for your anti-spam budget. Get the email encryption and data loss prevention (DLP) that you need to comply with data protection and privacy laws. And, you get protection from the latest threats and spam campaigns. Sophos makes it easy and affordable to have the most complete security for your email, both at your network gateway and on your mail servers.

✓ Meet all your needs with one license and one budget
✓ Protect sensitive data with integrated encryption
✓ Prevent information loss with DLP configuration
✓ Deploy your choice of secure mail gateway or message server solution in hardware, software or virtual form factors
✓ Scale to process hundreds of thousands of messages daily
✓ Never deal with updates or upgrades again
✓ Get support any time

Encrypt and secure your companies data.

Your confidential data needs protection, and you’ve got to prove it’s protected to the regulators. Sophos gives you encryption options, and they all help you build security policies. And, your users can securely access, share, store and recover that data.

✓ Encryption that’s certified to the highest standards
✓ Great performance for your encrypted computers
✓ One console to manage all your encryption activities
✓ Plug in the encryption features you need

What you can do with SafeGuard Enterprise

✓ Management Center manages your modules
✓ Device Encryption lets you encrypt laptops and desktop PC’s
✓ Encryption for Cloud Storage secures files uploaded to web storage
✓ Data Exchange encrypts files to removable media for secure sharing
✓ Encryption for File Shares makes sure that sensitive data on your servers stays safe
✓ Configuration Protection controls your PC ports and file types
✓ Partner Connect lets you manage external encryption products

Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise
– Encryption –

Mobile Control

Secure, manage and protect your mobile devices/data.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is changing the face of mobile security. You need to protect an array of devices on your corporate network -some owned by employees and some by your company. Sophos can help you simply secure and manage all your devices and protect the sensitive data on them. And what’s even better, it won’t get in the way of employee productivity. So you stay flexible and safe.

✓ Make sure only devices compliant with your policies have access to corporate data and email with security policies
✓ Remotely lock or wipe a lost or stolen device, control time- wasting or inappropriate applications
✓ Reduce IT burden with over-the-air setup and user self-service web portal
✓ Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows smartphones

Keep your network infrastructure secure and safe with simple unified control.

Sophos Network Protection provides everything you need for complete network security. Stop intruders, prevent threats and enable secure remote connections. And manage it all from a centralized web-based interface.

✓ Integrated email security, firewall, intrusion prevention and web control
✓ Secures branch offices with their plug-and-protect Remote Ethernet Device
✓ Protects wireless networks and provides secure WiFi access
✓ Hardware appliance, virtual appliance or software-only available

Better Connectivity:
New options make it easier to implement a failover and load balancing strategy, including setting up multiple VPN tunnels between two sites.

Safer Web Surfing:
We’ve added web URL filtering into the UTM Endpoint agent, so your users have the same protection on and off the network.

Stronger Wireless:
We’ve extended wireless functionality to improve signals and reach devices that don’t even have wireless connectivity.

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