Managed IT Services

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As information technology improves, businesses need someone to help manage that technology. While some larger companies can afford to hire a CIO that oversees their internal IT department, small and medium companies don’t have that opportunity. That’s why Data Integrity offers managed IT services for those in need.

Managed IT services help companies run more smoothly. Your company outsources any IT management to Data Integrity, and we take the hassle of IT management off your shoulders. With us on the job, you’ll never have to worry about your data.

Benefits of Managed IT Service

MSPs usually provide unlimited IT support with flat fees for customers that hire them. This support includes cybersecurity checks, improvements, and testing, to keep your business safe from malware attacks. They also offer website maintenance and internal structural support to help maintain communication in your outfit.

Some other benefits of Managed IT services from Data Integrity are:

  • Contracted, reliable service terms
  • Efficient IT service
  • Uptime management

What Data Integrity Offers as an MSP

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Data Integrity stands above our competition because of our dedication to our customers. As your one-stop shop for any IT needs, we provide many benefits to our clients that other MSPs don’t.

The three main things we provide for our customers are dedicated IT system assessment, cloud integration, and flexible services. Some of our other technology services include:

  • Application services
  • Mobile device management
  • Break/fix services
Of course, we recognize that needs vary by client, so we customize our service to meet each business’s unique needs.

IT System Assessment

Before we fully start with our managed IT services, we thoroughly assess all of your IT needs. We discuss what you want as a business owner, what we can provide based on your concerns, and how we can implement strategies to improve your business. Once we implement these strategies, we constantly audit and reevaluate our process to ensure they keep working for your company.

Cloud Integration

Providing cloud services to your employees and clients improves the agility of your business and offers extra storage and safety in situations that prevent total data loss. Cloud environments also promote remote workspaces for companies looking to expand into other regions and markets without the overhead costs of franchising and office spaces. Data Integrity provides first-rate cloud services.

Flexible Services

You should constantly change and adapt to the market as a business. With our flexible services, you can change aspects of your business, and we'll adjust our strategies to continue to support you. What kind of business would we be if we didn't adapt with you?

We are always happy to help take IT management off of their plate. If your business needs professionally managed IT services, call Data Integrity at (863) 683-5845 to set it up today!

Our Industries

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1. Healthcare

Data Integrity & Healtcare

Since 1997, Data Integrity has supported numerous medical application and vendors. Our staff has the experience and knowledge to help you achieve your EMR, PM integrations and upgrades.

2. Education

Data Integrity & Education

Education keeps getting left behind in a world of ever-evolving technological advances. Many school systems forget to improve the technical capabilities of their classrooms to keep up with modern abilities. That’s why Data Integrity made it our goal to help push schools into the modern age by providing IT solutions for education nationwide.

3. Non-Profit

Serving Non-Profits with Integrity.

Non-profit organizations support various industries across the nation. However, with many of these organizations being small in size, few have dedicated employees to handle much-needed IT support. Data Integrity is proud to offer our IT solutions for non-profit organizations.

4. SMB

Data Integrity means Business.

With technological advancements coming at breakneck speed, small to medium businesses have more access to information technology than ever before. However, if your business is a startup, you often can’t afford the time it takes to design and maintain your own IT support. That’s why Data Integrity offers top-notch IT solutions for small & medium-sized businesses.

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