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For many years after the implementation of the Internet, cybersecurity was bare-bones and kept many businesses from adapting their strategies to include web-based outreach. People were constantly afraid of cyber attacks and losing their data. Luckily, the Internet has come a long way since then. From national security to individual entrepreneurs, everyone wants to stay safe.

Cybersecurity is still vital, and now it’s much easier to protect businesses from attacks. Data Integrity offers premium cybersecurity services to clients. We constantly work to protect and hide your data from malicious prowlers on the Internet.

Our cybersecurity services have many benefits, including full security automation and cyber insurance discounts. We offer various security operations to help keep your business safe on the Internet, such as:

Security Assessment Strategies

An essential part of cybersecurity is assessing the points of your business that are possible targets and vulnerable to attack. Our assessments help us identify which aspects of your business need protection. Thus, we can provide exactly what your business needs.

While each business is unique, every company has similar skeletons with common weak points. The most common areas of a business that need protection are:

  • Website security certificates
  • Financial programs
  • Sensitive employee, client, and business data

We assess the initial threat before we provide protection, and we don’t stop there. After providing security, we constantly check our systems and strategies to improve and fortify your defenses. We learn the best ways to protect your business with ongoing risk management and penetration tests.

Network Assessment

Our Network Assessment provides an overview of current network infrastructure by describing topology and segmentation, inventorying network and endpoint devices, and evaluating network performance and security posture to engineer solutions recommended/required for optimal on-boarding.

Compromise Prevention Strategies

After assessing and reviewing the vulnerable points of your business, we take proactive, concrete steps to protect your business. The best way to handle a data breach is to avoid having to deal with one in the first place.

Luckily there are many different ways to avoid data breaches. Some strategies that we implement to prevent data leaks include:

Another vital aspect of compromise prevention is cloud security. While cloud storage is a great way to eliminate overhead costs and storage problems for a business, it is sometimes susceptible to security threats. Our security experts keep attackers from accessing data stored in our cloud-based systems.

Dark Web Scan

Are Your Company’s Digital Credentials for Sale on the Dark Web? Find Out with a Complimentary Dark Web Scan


Detect compromised credentials used to exploit employees and customers!

Emergency Response Strategies

While proactive steps for data breaches are always the best policy, some data breaches are still possible. Hackers constantly improve their malware and ransomware attacks, so we continuously enhance our defensive capabilities. After a significant data breach, we’ll be there to help ensure that it never happens again.

If someone breaches our defenses, they always leave “virtual fingerprints.” Our incident response teams are always ready to act on your behalf. We can track a data breach, analyze the report, and build our defenses against that attack.

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