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Our team at Data Integrity is here to help you with your wireless network. We design infrastructure with your business in mind, tailoring your network to your needs. Keep your company running smoothly with a reliable internet connection set up by our experts. From wired infrastructure to modern wireless LAN setups, we design it all!

Infrastructure Consulting

Before installation, our consultants take the time to determine your company’s needs. We make sure you have the proper equipment for your company size, budget, and security needs. We design an infrastructure that provides everyone with a strong internet connection.

The right infrastructure gives every employee internet service. It also helps protect your network from being hacked. Schedule a consultation with us for the best results for your business.

Wireless LAN Infrastructure

Wireless LAN infrastructures come with numerous benefits. Without wires and cables, this untethered accessibility leads to increases in:

  • Productivity
  • Collaboration
  • Information sharing
  • Mobility
  • Guest access

At Data Integrity, we offer a variety of wireless LAN services. Ask us about:

  • Access ports and points
  • Wireless switches
  • Management and security software

All of these elements come together for a seamless and secure network.

Wired Infrastructure

We offer wired infrastructure for your most mission-critical, secure computers. This helps you to achieve the fastest performance and data flow with unmatched security. Trust our wired infrastructure design for reliable internet service where it matters most.

Wired infrastructure provides different benefits than wireless networks:

  • Wired systems are easy to troubleshoot.
  • They produce the best bandwidth.
  • They rarely experience connectivity issues.
  • Wired infrastructure has a great lifespan with limited maintenance required.

Wired systems are valuable when matched with the right devices. You can count on them as a reliable backup when wireless systems experience trouble. For the most reliable internet service, consider using a wired infrastructure.

Infrastructure Investments

Investing in infrastructure ensures that your network works for you. If your network can’t handle your company’s capacity, it can hurt your business. The important reasons to invest in your infrastructure include:

  • Efficiency improves for every employee.
  • Fast internet speed helps you to beat the competitors in your industry.
  • You have better protection from cyber-attacks and data breaches.
  • Your system won’t be slowed down by too many users or devices.

Upgrading your infrastructure improves the quality of your internet service. We design infrastructures that fit your existing facilities and systems and allow you to conduct your business without interruption. Investing in infrastructure is one of the fastest ways to take your business to the next level.

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Installation and Training

After your consultation, we’ll do the installation for you. You won’t need to worry about following complicated instructions. Our experts conduct a quick and comprehensive installation for your convenience.

Once installation is complete, we provide training for your employees. Our simple training process makes your new infrastructure easy to operate. We cover basic troubleshooting to keep your system functioning correctly.

Our team at Data Integrity is here to help design and install infrastructure that provides the internet service you need to thrive. Call 863-683-5845 for your consultation today!

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