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Communication is an integral aspect of business, both internally and externally. Small businesses may not have the means to keep up with rapidly evolving communication technology. This is where we come in to aid your business in the communication process.

Based in Lakeland, Florida, our team here at Data Integrity provides secure, cost-effective IT management. We offer services such as hosted private branch exchange, mobile device management, consolidation of phone and data management, and more!

Private Branch Exchange (Hosted PBX) Communication Services

Private branch exchange (PBX) simplifies, while also expanding, an organization’s phone communications. PBX allows one phone line to be split into multiple private lines with the use of extensions so that each department can receive a message individually.


PBX systems’ main functions are:

  • Connecting two users’ phones
  • Allowing connections for as long as required
  • Disconnecting communication when required
  • Delivering information for the organization’s analytics
  • Managing call forwarding, blocking, transferring, logging, and holding
  • Providing call recordings, voicemail, and custom greetings
  • Connecting internal extensions and conference calls
  • Providing local phone numbers at any location, allowing virtual offices anywhere

Advantages of a Hosted PBX

Choosing a hosted PBX by Data Integrity is a fantastic option for any organization but especially beneficial for small businesses. It requires no up-front investment and has a relatively low cost compared to other options. Key advantages of using a hosted PBX include:

  • Online portal management: Administer and revise phone functions such as establishing new extensions, setting up a ring group, and more.
  • Digital presence: Enable users to view available employees, employees on a call, or employees who are offline. This allows managing inbound calls easier.
  • Auto-attendant: Give callers an automated menu to choose from, directing their calls to the appropriate department or person.
  • Hold options: Add appropriate hold music and speech explaining the benefits of your services to the caller.
Communication Management

VoIP Hosted PBX

Voice over IP (VoIP) enables communication, such as phone calls and video calls, over the internet rather than through a landline. These phone calls transfer communications via data packets. Using either an ethernet cable or a strong Wi-Fi connection, inbound calls route to a VoIP phone anywhere in the world.

Using VoIP, employees can work remotely globally and save money on international calls. VoIP establishes the call and transfers the information communicated securely, using encrypted IP phone services.You’ll never worry about data security again with VoIP services from Data Integrity.

Mobile Device Management for Businesses

Mobile device management is a low-cost yet efficient management system. Rather than supplying employees with company hardware (like computers, tablets, or phones), mobile device management allows employees to use the technology they already own via software.

Partnering mobile device management with a hosted PBX system allows one vendor to oversee phones and data. You can greatly simplify the communication process while ensuring safe information transfers.

As a four-time Sophos Partner Award Winner, our team at Data Integrity has the experience and tools to ensure industry-leading secure and cost-effective communication. Call us today at 863-683-5845!

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