IT Solutions for Education

Education keeps getting left behind in a world of ever-evolving technological advances. Many school systems forget to improve the technical capabilities of their classrooms to keep up with modern abilities. That’s why Data Integrity made it our goal to help push schools into the modern age by providing IT solutions for education nationwide.

Data Integrity provides:

  • IT network infrastructure
  • Seamless cloud integration for smartphones and tablets
  • Office 365 support
  • Improved higher education for students
  • Better user experience for students and faculty
  • Total technology solutions for students and teachers

School systems already have so much on their plate. IT management should be the last of their worries. Luckily, Data Integrity is here to shoulder that burden.

Mobility Solutions

The modern classroom is not necessarily a room full of desks. The modern classroom should be technologically-centered, allowing students to learn from anywhere. We provide resources to facilitate an excellent learning experience no matter how apart class members are.

Education will benefit from mobilization because students are already well-integrated into the technological landscape at home.

Security Improvement

As IT solutions for education improve, they provide unparalleled capabilities for schooling. Unfortunately, as beneficial technology improves, so does the ability of hackers to access sensitive information. Data Integrity endeavors to provide top-of-the-line security solutions for teachers and students alike!

Our data and network security systems protect the sensitive data of students and faculty. We provide improved visibility for any approved network operator and have designated teams that efficiently fix security issues. We also boost the security of our online platforms for mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and computers.

Improving and Enriching Communication

Adequate learning only happens when students can communicate properly and promptly. By linking their education with modern technology, students and teachers can always communicate on their assignments, even when not in the classroom. Students can even collaborate and work on projects together when needed.

IT Support

We tailor our IT solutions for education to every school’s unique climate, infrastructure, and method. That’s why we provide the best IT support for every school we service.

We transform the business of education with our innovative, modernized technology strategies. Our team helps teachers and students with issues syncing their devices and assignments. Our scaffolding for management needs and communication keeps all administrators and office support on the same page.

Application Management and Analyzation

While we provide management capabilities to administration, we also manage and analyze app details from our end. This capability helps us ensure fluid functionality and analyze the traffic of every network for data streamlining.

Communication Management

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