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Need IT help? We provide you with expert support, reducing hassles and keeping your staff focused and productive. Save time and resources by outsourcing your IT needs.

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Expert Technical Support Plans: The Computer Help You Need

Chances are that your business uses technology every day for key business functions: Shipping, marketing, healthcare, accounting, customer management, and sales, just to name a few. And with your dependence on technology comes the need for expert IT management and computer support, including a help desk, but as a small business, how can you afford it?

Now its possible to get the skilled technical support you need without hiring a full team of computer support experts. Data Integrity Services’ technical support programs offer Central Florida businesses the IT help they need exactly when they need it and without the expense of having an IT department in-house.

IT Support Help Desk

Why outsource tech support or use a help desk?

Here are several reasons:

  • Convenient access to a friendly, U.S.-based team of computer support specialists
  • Meet industry best practices for your IT infrastructure
  • Reduce downtime and increase efficiency for your employees
  • More resources for other needs
  • More time for profitable business activities

By outsourcing your technical support, you will get faster, more cost-effective service than if you tried to develop your own IT support department. With Data Integrity Services, you will reap the benefits of having an entire technical support team at your disposal for much less than the cost of hiring just one IT employee.

What We Offer

Our computer support plans provide a wide range of services to Central Florida businesses including: Help with PCs and networks; hardware configuration; software installation and training; virus and malware removal; data backup and retrieval; and much more.

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Our Industries

1. Healthcare

Data Integrity & Healtcare

Since 1997, Data Integrity has supported numerous medical application and vendors. Our staff has the experience and knowledge to help you achieve your EMR, PM integrations and upgrades.

2. Education

Data Integrity & Education

Education keeps getting left behind in a world of ever-evolving technological advances. Many school systems forget to improve the technical capabilities of their classrooms to keep up with modern abilities. That’s why Data Integrity made it our goal to help push schools into the modern age by providing IT solutions for education nationwide.

3. Non-Profit

Serving Non-Profits with Integrity.

Non-profit organizations support various industries across the nation. However, with many of these organizations being small in size, few have dedicated employees to handle much-needed IT support. Data Integrity is proud to offer our IT solutions for non-profit organizations.

4. SMB

Data Integrity means Business.

With technological advancements coming at breakneck speed, small to medium businesses have more access to information technology than ever before. However, if your business is a startup, you often can’t afford the time it takes to design and maintain your own IT support. That’s why Data Integrity offers top-notch IT solutions for small & medium-sized businesses.

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