Cloud Services

As the workforce becomes more digital, your business needs professionally maintained cloud services to keep up. Call Data Integrity today for a consultation!

The cloud has become a tool most of us use in our everyday lives. It has practical applications in business settings as well.

When you set up cloud services from Data Integrity, our team will elevate your company’s security and productivity with tools and applications tailored to your needs.

Cloud-Based Security Services

Security is the first factor that falls under fire with cloud services. However, despite the concerns, the cloud platform is safer than traditional data storage when used correctly. At Data Integrity, we have advanced cloud offerings that bar your sensitive data from hackers. These cloud services also back up your files in safe, impossible-to-reach locations.

Cloud Services

One benefit of cloud security is that it allows a team of dedicated IT professionals like Data Integrity to monitor your operating system constantly. We can also install new security measures as necessary. That way, we can keep your system safe with all the best tools and techniques available, including:

  • Security and monitoring for Microsoft platforms.
  • Optimized email protection.
  • Secured backups for all data and programs on your operating system.

Amazon and Microsoft Cloud Platforms

Software as a service is a staple of cloud services that you’re likely familiar with, even if you’ve never worked with a cloud-based IT team. It’s the category of cloud solutions that brings vital programs and work tools to your operating system, including:

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Dropbox
  • Communication and project management tools

One advantage of having a cloud web application over a disconnected one is that the cloud lets you share and access data remotely rather than from a specific device. That way, you can start your work on a Microsoft Office platform on your office computer and continue it later on your personal laptop.

Infrastructure as a Service

Software as a service also allows for infrastructure as a service, which introduces cloud-based storage and servers to your company. These storage tools replace the need for on-site servers with alternatives that are faster, safer, and easier for professional IT teams to monitor and update.

Some examples of infrastructure as a service include:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services

These storage tools also introduce complex firewalls and other security devices to your server that further protect your data.


Microsoft 365

We offer a variety of Microsoft 365 products and services. Download our datasheet to find out more!

Microsoft Azure

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  • What is Azure?
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  • Important things to know
  • What can we do for you?

Consulting and Cloud Service Integration

The cloud offers several services and tools. While all are beneficial, some can help certain businesses more than others.

At Data Integrity, we’ll schedule a thorough consultation with your company to learn which cloud services could benefit you most and deploy the necessary tools.

Private Cloud Services from Data Integrity

Cloud services can take your business to the next level with convenient applications, adaptable storage, and state-of-the-art security tools. There’s no better team to manage your cloud tools than Data Integrity, with our industry expertise and extensive IT knowledge.

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