IT Solutions for Non-profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations support various industries across the nation. However, with many of these organizations being small in size, few have dedicated employees to handle much-needed IT support. Data Integrity is proud to offer our IT solutions for non-profit organizations.

Data Integrity provides:

  • IT support services
  • Managed IT services
  • Security for business and donor information
  • Improved community outreach and activity
  • Intuitive application designs

You’re already busy with the mission of your non-profit organization. Instead of struggling to provide your own IT support, let Data Integrity do the work for you. We customize our IT solutions to meet the unique needs of your business.

IT Security

Non-profits often receive donations from large corporations and philanthropists. Unfortunately, as a result, hackers make it their business to steal donors’ financial information. So, security is a pressing concern for these businesses that just want to do some good.

We lay firm foundations of internet security and constantly assess the security of your infrastructure. Through regular testing, we determine how to shore up our defenses to prevent attacks. This way, we can always protect a non-profit’s information.

IT Services

Outreach Strategizing

Many different non-profits in an area often provide similar services to their community. As a business first, each non-profit must fight to separate itself from its competition. That’s why each business needs a partner to help strategize its community outreach.

Our mission is to help you succeed and serve the needs of your community. We accomplish that goal through optimized community outreach strategies.

Budget-Focused Solutions

Because of your business’s specialized nature, your budget must be perfect. Our IT solutions for non-profit organizations are always budget-optimized. We always provide adequate documentation of services rendered so you can present them to your donors, shareholders, and grants.

Also, our systems provide the benefit of automatically calculating and managing budgets for non-profits. Our approach helps analyze your infrastructure and may shed light on areas you can trim to meet any financial needs.

Communication Management

Data Analysis

Our data analysis tools help your business streamline the quality of your work. With our intelligent analytics systems, you can manage actionable data for your business. This data enables you to avoid unsuccessful donor programs and adopt new financial strategies.

You can also improve your relations with current donors by measuring the effect of their contributions. Our data analytics systems are the best way to help your business and quantitatively measure its growth.

Cloud Integration

As the workplace changes, hiring remote workers and allowing workers to work from various locations becomes more prevalent. You can reach customers, clients, and donors worldwide by integrating your systems into a cloud-based infrastructure. This also gives your business a more extensive reach, diversifying your foothold in various communities globally.

If you need IT solutions for non-profit organizations, call Data Integrity at (863) 683-5845.

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