Structured Cabling

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Structured cabling keeps the technological aspects of your business up and running without interruptions. All modern businesses rely on a quality structured cabling system to ensure they remain connected and running at their best.

Our team at Data Integrity Services operates out of Lakeland, FL, and provides affordable and reliable structured cabling services, including installation and training for businesses in the area. If you’re looking to improve the security and safety of your operations, we’re here to help.

Structural Cabling Installation Services

We’ve designed and installed skillfully organized structural cabling systems for multiple businesses. We can install cables and wires in a way that doesn’t spill into the work area and keep cables neat and compact. We will make the most out of your available space and provide wired connections.

We can help you expand your telecommunication connections with backbone cabling, such as:

· Subsystem 1: Horizontal cabling systems

· Subsystem 2: Horizontal cross-connect (HC) and intermediate cross-connect (IC) systems

· Subsystem 3: Intermediate cross-connect and main cross-connect (MC) systems

Structured Cabling System

First, you need to determine how much structured cabling your business needs, what your budget allows, and how much security your operations require.

We understand the six main subsystems of structured cabling and how to organize them, including backbone cabling, the telecommunications room, entrance facilities, equipment room, and work area.

Some of what we can help you with include:

· Adding access ports and points

· The installation of security software

· Connection strips and boxes

· Cable-managed cabinets and storage

· Fault finding and termination

· And more

CAT or Fiber Optic Cable

When you need CAT or fiber optic cable solutions, our team of technicians can help. We’ll examine the size of your business, get to know your operation needs, and create the infrastructure that can best handle it all. While you might already have or want a wireless solution, CAT and fiber optic cables can add extra security and connections to your building.

With access to quality suppliers and dependable products, you’ll receive the best prices and installation services when you work with Data Integrity Services. You can verify that all your employees have secure and dependable internet connections and decrease the number of hackers you face.

Assistance for structured cabling (like CAT or fiber optic) is a phone call away, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Benefits of Wired Infrastructure

You’ll find several reasons to schedule professional wired infrastructure services and upgrade your existing system, such as:

  • Fewer connectivity problems or business interruptions
  • Larger bandwidth, allowing more employees to access servers
  • Minimal maintenance necessary to keep systems running
  • A reliable backup if wireless systems ever fail
  • Long lifespan and dependability

Reliable Installation and Training for Your Team

No business should have to stress about cabling installation, and our team at Data Integrity Services makes the process simple. We handle the installation, so you won’t have to sift through complex instructions. Our staff will also train your employees to understand these new facilities and changes to the business, keeping everyone in the loop and with the greatest understanding of cabling.

The operation of your new systems will go as smoothly as possible with our help. We understand some questions and confusion can arise during the transition, but our comprehensive troubleshooting makes things a breeze. Whether your Florida business is big or small, you can trust our reliable experts for all your structured cabling needs.

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