Have you outgrown your current PBX? Chances are with the changes in technology you
have. Breaking up with your phone system can be hard to do. The real question is do
the benefits of a cloud business phone system merit the change? We think they do.
Let’s start by thinking of cloud PBX as software. This means that when you move your
business communications to the cloud, you’re not purchasing a product. Rather, you’re
buying software as a service (commonly referred to as SaaS).

Do you want a product or a service?
When purchasing a phone system as a product, the burden is on your company to
maintain, upgrade and repair the phone system.

When purchasing as a service, or more specifically a cloud-based subscription as a
service, the burden is on the provider. And that means more time and money back to
your business.

Let’s look at some additional benefits in more detail:

A cloud PBX system provides instant updates and new features.
When you own your own business phone system, it’s up to you to upgrade and add new
features. And usually this means enlisting the services of IT personnel with the skills and
experience to do it properly.

But a cloud-based phone system is just like most software, with automatic features and
functionally added without any effort on your company’s part.

Let’s say your current phone system comes with a chat system you rely on and regularly
use to communicate with teams. When it first rolled out, the platform came with chat,
text, and calls. But then video calls became available. And that’s exciting, it will give you
an edge up on your competition.. But instead having to see if this upgrade is compatible
with your system and installing it yourself, an event that can take time away from
business operations, it automatically appears in the software.

The cloud gives birth to reliable communication services.
Dependable communications are a must for any business, and it’s a reality in the cloud.
When a traditional PBX system has issues, the race begins to diagnose and fix the issue,
and more often than not, you lose time and money. You could also tarnish your business

A cloud PBX system, on the other hand, comes with its own backup of solutions. Since
software is hosted in multiple locations (referred to as georedundancy), your business
communications stay running even if there’s a potential disruption.

A cloud PBX grows with your business.
In the past, small companies and start-ups had limited options when it came to buying
business phone systems. And this was okay for a while. As a small business, you
probably only need a handful of basic phone features. But as your business grows, you
need more enterprise-level features. The good news is that the cloud makes this

Just like getting instant updates and new features, cloud PBX systems are flexible and
can grow as your business grows. This means the software can handle your growth
without any downtime for your company. Whether you need to add new employees or
locations, the cloud makes it possible for a new or small business to succeed as they

The cloud provides mobility.
The modern workforce is becoming more mobile, as more employees are no longer tied
to the office to get work done. On-premise PBX systems are simply not able to offer this much needed feature and even hinder mobile employees to get their day’s work done,
anywhere, anytime.

The cloud, however, embraces today’s mobile work environment. With apps designed to
connect your business system to your cell phone, the modern-day employee can make
and receive phone calls, keep track of contacts and stay available while working on the
road. When you go with the right cloud PBX provider, a mobile app is free with your

Your Business Needs Matter
As you explore the benefits of cloud PBX phone system and questions arise, we are here
to help. Let’s talk about these concerns and iron out the details to help you determine
whether it’s truly the best fit for your company. Contact us today.